18 April 2023

Devalle Love


Entering the world of Carlo Mollino, studying the character and his great works was a unique experience, while at the same time inspiring and exciting. When I saw the photograph of Casa Devalle, I had no doubt. That was where I would set my work.

Mollino created a “garçonnière” for Devalle, a magical and surreal environment where, defying all conventions, he makes the structure of the lamps break through a curtain and in front of it he places the beautiful mirror and metal console. A surreal installation that Massimo Della Marta sought to follow by placing “Devalle Love” in front of the same curtain.

The work follows the style of the surrounding environment. Baroque style frame with 24 kt gold leaf, black mirror background contrasting with the matt black structure and quilted red silk velvet trim, a pattern used by Mollino for other elements of the house.

“I am sure that if in 1940 this particular Wine frame had already been invented, Carlo Mollino would have wanted it for Casa Devalle, or at least, in my dream, that’s what I want to believe”.

Work created for the exhibition “Homage to Carlo Mollino” Galleria Paola Colombari for the 50-year anniversary of the death of the great Turinese architect (1905-1973)

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