13 October 2023

HOST 2023


Expo becomes Della Marta: beyond rebranding

Change is always a challenge, even more so when it comes to a name that has

established itself globally over the years. Yet what might seem like a bold, if not

daring, choice is actually the natural evolution of an entrepreneurial journey that

began in 2004 in a small workshop on the outskirts of Turin as a manufacturer of

climate-controlled display cases.

Over the years, this product – initially conceived exclusively for the professional

market – has been transformed and developed into multiple creative identities,

finally reaching residential environments and fully entering the art design world.

As the initial project expanded, it inevitably required reconfiguring the brand’s

worldwide presence in a more strategic way, without negating its history nor

forgetting its origins. On the eve of celebrating its first 20 years, an important

milestone, the Expo brand will continue to reflect the company’s origins as the

name that represents its professional collection.

The choice of the name Della Marta is not by chance, founder Massimo Della Marta

chose his mother’s surname as an identifier from the very first steps of his creative

journey as a tribute to an extraordinary woman who passed away prematurely.

Della Marta is a name that goes beyond the individual: it is a choice that unites

everyone in the company, a strongly-felt and inclusive identity. A new adventure

that we wish to share with all of you.

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